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The Little Pink Book of Feminine Leadership
A Personal Journey
ISBN 0-9762649-0-0

In her new book The Little Pink Book of Feminine Leadership, author Angelina Corbet writes “"Like the two sides of the Mobius strip, so are the aspects of masculine and feminine leadership qualities. The qualities appear to be opposites. As the Mobius strip teaches us, the qualities of masculine and feminine leadership are subtle variations of one quality. It is not masculine or feminine. It is the balance of differences and, at the same time, the union of separates." Angelina continues, "All of us have both masculine and feminine qualities at our core. For whatever reason, one is nurtured and the other is denied. One is called forth; the other repressed. Regardless, we all have both feminine and masculine qualities." It is the principle of "balance of differences and union of separates" that influences Angelina's teaching and resonates with her audiences.

The Little Pink Book of Feminine Leadership: A Personal Journey
is Angelina’s experience with the re-emergence of her feminine leadership qualities as well as the quieting of the masculine leadership qualities that had served her so well. Further, it is about the battle that raged between the two during a nine-month journey that would change her forever.

In May 2001, Angelina volunteered to stage a benefit performance of The Vagina Monologues in Charlotte, North Carolina as part of V-Day’s Worldwide Campaign. Given her professional and personal successes that spanned a 30-year career, she was confident in her ability to lead the volunteer effort. She would soon find that she vastly underestimated the journey that she was about to begin. The journey would be a birthing process – the birthing of her feminine leadership qualities.

The Little Pink Book of Feminine Leadership was published on February 1, 2006.