The Enneagram Experience

The Enneagram Experience . . .
The Enneagram is an ancient model that combines centuries-old wisdom with practical application. It is based on nine personality Types and their corresponding "views of the world". These Enneagram Types keep us behaving out of compulsion rather than conscious choice. In addition to the nine personality Types, the Enneagram, like many transformational traditions, views the personality patterns from the perspective of the three primary centers of intelligence . . . feeling, thinking and doing.  It is in releasing the full potential of all three centers that we release our greatest gifts.

FOR INDIVIDUALS - The Journey Home: Return to Essence
As we live our daily lives, we often miss the gifts that are available to us - hidden in every experience. Rather than go within, we have learned to look outside of ourselves as we blame others for our dilemmas. Similarly, we look outside of ourselves for the fulfillment that we crave. We do not witness every experiences for what it is . . . an opportunity to be present, observe ourselves, make conscious choices and live our lives with intention.
FOR ORGANIZATIONS - The Journey Home: I Walk Down Another Road
As we journey through our professional lives, we travel many roads, taking many twists and turns.  And yet, even when we take on new projects or work with new clients, we often face the same challenges and experience the same rewards again and again. We are not curious about these twists and turns and do not recognize that each experiences-planned or serendipitous, provides us with an opportunity to understand ourselves and our work style at a deeper level. These experiences are an invitation for us to be present, observe ourselves, make conscious choices and live with intention. Therefore, one of the greatest tools we have to enhance our interactions with others is this ability to be present to ourselves at this deeper level.