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My Responsibility

My Responsibility
A portion of the proceeds from
the sale of this book
is being donated to organizations
dedicated to the advancement of
Feminine Leadership principles
throughout the world.

Beneficiaries from the PAST . . .
The Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) is an international, multi-faith network of women leaders who come together to stimulate peace building and reconciliation efforts in areas of conflict and post-conflict.

Women's International Networking (W.I.N.) will promote, nurture and enact sustainable initiatives through the creation of a global network of female leaders who will bring strong, authentic and diverse leadership to the world.

Offerings ( . . . a co-creative field for evolving women . . . in Her creative works and expression, business design and co-creative way, Offerings provides vibrant expression and extension for the evolving Woman in her most natural, true and whole self. Offerings is calling forth a new council of women’s networks to partner with women's organizations and networks to develop and grow their capacity for fulfilling their true and higher calling.

The Yin Project envisions a world where both the Yin, the feminine principle and the Yang, the masculine principle are equally honored and valued.  The Yin Project is redefining power through Entertainment and Education and Experience.

Check back with us as we are add beneficiaries in 2011!